How did different Christian denominations come about?

Why are there different denominations?

The word denominations means "different groups in the same religion". In the Christian religion there are, for example, the denominations: Evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox and others.

Different denominations mostly arise through a separation (example: Evangelical - Catholic through Martin Luther) or through a certain event or experience. Often the founder of a denomination had to make a statement (Latin: "confessio") why he thinks differently. For example Martin Luther: He thought differently, especially when it came to deliverance from sin (Jesus Christ alone makes us free, we don't need to pay any money) and thought differently about the Lord's Supper than other denominations.

Good and detailed articles about Christian denominations at Wikipedia: Denomination # Christian denominations (short explanation and definition), chronological time tables of the Christian denominations here or here.

Despite the separation of denominations, I think that what we have in common is more important than what is different. All Christian denominations are united:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and saves us from sin through his death on the cross
  • the Bible is the basis of the Christian faith
  • baptism is recognized in all Christian denominations
  • the apostolic creed is the same.

Therefore: Better to hold on to what we have in common!

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