How do I make my life interesting

Curiosity and interest make life more interesting.

TIP 1: Look for a new experience every day.

  • Try a tropical fruit that you haven't seen before.
  • Go to a new place or cook vegan.
  • Read an article in the newspaper or listen to a podcast on a topic that is completely alien to you.
  • Go to a concert that you would never go to.
  • Start a new sport.
  • Take a different route to work.

TIP 2: Find out about a technical or electronic device that is completely new to you. This can be a new computer program, a kitchen or garden tool, but it can also be a new piece of sports equipment such as a stand-up paddleboard. Get advice on this. Also ask your children (or grandchildren) about things that interest them, such as social media platforms or computer games.

TIP 3: Read the new novels and thrillers on the bestseller list or get a recommendation from your bookseller. Of course, you can also borrow the books from the library or purchase them as e-books.

TIP 4: Consciously maintain contact with younger people. Learn their vocabulary (even if you wouldn't use it) and find out about their favorite music or their top playlist - even if it doesn't suit your taste.

TIP 5: Beware of sentences like: "I'm too old for that!", "I no longer understand that anyway!", "That's nothing for me anymore!" And if you find yourself saying such sentences inside, then at least add these two critical questions: "How do I know that? Have I already tried it?" In this way you prevent voluntarily giving up and prejudice yourself by claiming that you do not understand something new. It may take more time to do this because you didn't grow up with it, but that doesn't mean you can't figure it out. And do you think a small child will worry about the time when it curiously watches a ladybug crawl? Many skills are all about training and patience!

TIP 6: Learn again consciously to act like a small child in many activities, who is curious and has the attitude: "I want to know everything and try it out."

TIP 7: Don't listen to the warning or critical voice in your head telling you that something is too risky or does not help. You can only lose the fear of something new and strange if you dare to try something new with fear and experience that your fear was unfounded! Ask yourself:

  • What would be the worst that could happen if I dare?
  • How likely is it that what I fear will happen?
  • And if what I feared should happen, could I live with it and deal with it?

Risk-taking and curiosity are not always rewarded. However, they are the prerequisite for having new and satisfying experiences, in order to make your life more colorful, interesting and varied.

Curiosity enriches your life. So: Get out of the daily grind - into the colorful diversity of life. Because life means learning new things and keeping moving. When learning stops, life stops.

I wish you the courage and the liveliness to try things out again and again that fall outside your usual limits.