How do I draw beautiful eyelashes

Beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Which woman does she not want? A look like Bambi. Does that go the natural way? Will an eyelash serum and an expensive mascara help or is there only an artificial eyelash extension?

Two years or so ago I tried the eyelash extension experiment. I loved waking up in the morning and looking fresh just because I had thick and long black eyelashes. What I couldn't cope with, however, is the feeling of one (or several foreign bodies) on my eyelid. The time factor when filling the eyelashes also annoyed me a lot. In addition, that "Just rub your eyes" was uncomfortable and I had somehow lost part of my natural look.

A no for false eyelashes

That's exactly the point that bothers me about glued-on eyelashes. I think it looks too artificial and personally I just don't like that artificial look. In the rarest of cases, the results are well done and the eyelash fillings look great. The line is narrow. Too artificial and exaggerated often looks cheap and well ... who wants to look cheap?

I am so happy with my natural eyelashes now. Even when I don't have mascara on, my eyelashes are long and thick.

I grow my eyelashes. But how?

1. Eyelash serum for long, thick eyelashes

I never would have thought it, but it is definitely worth investing in a good eyelash serum.

My first NuVega eyelash serum was in one of my glossy boxes. At that time I didn't "believe" in it and gave the serum to a friend. When I saw her again after 4 weeks, her eyelashes were the first thing that caught my eye. No joke. Since then I have also been using the eyelash serum. Honestly, I've never tested another one because I've been really happy with this one since the first second. The serum is extremely economical. You only need to apply a very small blob on your lid and you can see the first results after just 2 weeks.

If you are weaning your eyes from past eyelash fillings and your eyelashes are broken and frayed, this is practically your holy grail.

2. Biotin & vitamins for beautiful eyelashes

What I eat every day is biotin. Biotin isn't just good for healthy skin, nails, and hair. But also for eyelashes ... after all, it is hair too. Vitamin C and iron are also considered to be beneficial for eyelash growth. You must not forget that our body mirrors our diet. A balanced, healthy diet can of course also save supplements.

3. Eyelash curler

One of my most important beauty tools: the eyelash curler. Even when I'm not putting on make-up, I often use the eyelash curler to shape my lashes. When the eyelashes are curved, they simply look a bit longer.

Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to touching the eye with the pliers, but with a little practice it will be very easy to do by hand.

It is important that you first use the eyelash curler and then the mascara. If you use the tongs after the mascara, the lashes stick together and they can break off.

4. A good mascara

Here I can say I've tested about three trillion different mascaras. From expensive pigs to cheap and well ... the winner is actually a drugstore product.

I prefer to use that Maximum Definition Mascara from Essenece. It separates the lashes perfectly, thickens them and makes them long. In addition, it is just great in the hand. Cost: € 2.79

If you don't get it, I can also highly recommend the False Lash Bambi Eye Mascara from L’Oréal, the result is just as great. But due to its design, it is not so easy to hold. But that can be very different for you. Cost: € 8.90

In any case, these are my two favorites when it comes to mascara from the drugstore. The price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable.

Thats it. Of course, you should also remove your make-up every evening. This will reduce the risk of your eyelashes breaking off under the ink overnight.