Compare Hitler and Trump offensively

Biden: Trump lies like Goebbels

Washington (AP) - US presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused incumbent Donald Trump of lying like Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. “He's a bit like Goebbels.

You tell a lie long enough, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it - and it is considered general knowledge, ”said Biden in an interview broadcast on Saturday by TV station MSNBC. It was triggered by a question about Trump's claims that Biden was a socialist.

Trump often declares in his appearances that Biden will promote “radical lefts” who would destroy America and bring chaos to American cities. He also claims, among other things, that Biden and the Democratic Party are betting on postal votes in the hope that the presidential election on November 3 will be manipulated with forged ballot papers. During the Nazi era, Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler's closest confidants and a pioneer of the Holocaust.

A Trump campaign appearance on Saturday evening was exemplary of the daily attacks on Biden. "When the sleepy Joe Biden becomes president," there will be "a depression the likes of which this country has never seen," said Trump at Middlefield Airport in the state of Pennsylvania. "With us you will experience incredible prosperity," he promised at the same time - the presidential plane could be seen in the background.

"Biden wants to take away your weapons and indoctrinate your children in schools with poisoned anti-American lies," Trump later announced. He also spoke again of the "radical left": "My opponent is controlled like a puppet by these people, by these insane people." He called Biden's candidate for the vice-presidential post, Kamals Harris, a "madwoman."

The assembled Trump supporters acknowledged the sentences with applause, laughter and boos when it came to the other side. After Trump's frequently repeated claim that his predecessor Barack Obama spied on his campaign team in 2016, the crowd shouted in chants: “Lock him up! Lock him up! "

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