Can choose immigrants in New Zealand

Seven years in New Zealand is enough

I experienced it myself

“It can tear you apart!” Emigrating can be painful. A. G. wants to go back. Every family celebration takes place without her, she has never been there for all these years. That should change again.

At the time, I didn't really want to leave Germany, I never thought it was terrible or bad there. And New Zealand wasn't the land of my dreams either. I'm not an outdoor guy at all!
It just turned out like this:
When I was writing my thesis, I met a New Zealander.
After graduation, I wanted to go abroad anyway, to see the world a bit, so I went to New Zealand, only for two months at first, but then I kept extending my stay.
I lived in Tauranga, a city on the North Island, for almost six years. The relationship with my boyfriend was finally over after three years, but I stayed, managed a café, met a lot of people and made friends.
Almost a year ago I moved to Auckland, where I now work as an "immigration adviser", so I advise people who want to immigrate to New Zealand. The job is interesting, but I spend eight hours a day at the computer in an office - I actually didn't want that. I studied pedagogy, I would like to see more lively work.

But that's not why I am drawn home.
The reason is the family: the parents, my sister, my cousins, my aunts - and my little niece, who will soon be three. Every family celebration takes place without me, I've never been there for all these years. I would like to participate in this family life again.

I'm 33 years old now, but I've hardly worked in Germany so far. If I want to have another chance on the job market, I have to get started now.
Because of my job as an immigration consultant, I am very familiar with what immigrants in New Zealand have to think about and organize - but I have no idea what German returnees do and need to know!
It's good that I can contact the Raphaelswerk, the first contact was great, very friendly, I got an immediate answer to my email.

I'll be back in six months, that's the plan. There is an apartment in Frankfurt that belongs to my family, so I can get somewhere for the time being, so I'm not on the street - and I won't starve to death either!
Still, I feel a bit queasy - as a young professional at 33!
I now have a permanent residence permit here, so I could go back, but I think if I pack my bags now, it will be New Zealand.
In the past seven years, all of my vacation and all of my money has been spent on trips to Germany. I'm looking forward to things changing again, because I'd like to see something from the rest of the world too!