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For many people, they are the ray of hope in everyday hospital life: the health and nursing staff are there for the patients and also help with the prevention of illnesses. A lot of work, which is why weekend, holiday and night shifts are quite normal in this job.

What am I doing?

Nurses and nurses look after patients in all specialist departments, but also on an outpatient basis. For example, they treat wounds, administer medication, apply infusions or assist doctors. They also prepare the patients for the treatments and look after them during the treatment. To do this, they have to look closely: they pay attention to the patient's appearance, sleep and appetite, and regularly measure temperature, blood pressure and pulse. They document everything, inform the treating doctors about changes and draw up care plans. They also wash, bathe and feed their patients. In order to avoid further illnesses, bedridden patients are regularly repositioned and repositioned.

Their tasks also include informing patients and their relatives about upcoming care and health-promoting measures and instructing them to help themselves. Nurses and nurses also take on administrative tasks. You do billing, organizational and administrative work, monitor material stocks and drug stocks and carry out reorders.

Where do I work?

Nurses and nurses work in hospitals, specialist practices, health centers and in residential and nursing homes.

What requirements do I need?

careful, responsible, precise, resilient, discreet, communicative, empathy, likes to plan and organize, good grades in German and mathematics, possibly also in the natural sciences

How can I learn this profession?

3-year dual training, can also be combined as vocational college training with a university degree

What do I earn in the apprenticeship?

The trainees receive a training fee. If they are trained at institutions of the public service or at institutions of providers that are based on the collective agreements of the public service, they receive the following remuneration:

  • 1st year of training: € 1,041
  • 2nd year of training: € 1,102
  • 3rd year of training: € 1,203


Collective agreement for trainees in the public service (TVAöD) - special part care

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