Is Congress a party of anti-nationals

Ukraine: Zelenskyi's party is serious

The party "Servant of the People" wants to abolish immunity for MPs. Corruption should be punishable by the confiscation of property. The influence of the police and security services on the economy is to be prevented and the public prosecutor's office is to be overhauled.

"Ukraine needs radical changes," says the manifesto. "But the old political system, the system of corruption, lies and despotism, doesn't want changes." The party promises: "We will implement President Zelenskyi's course with clear laws and political decisions."

In addition to the program, the top candidates were also presented at the party congress

It was not until 2018 that the party was formed around Volodymyr Selenskyj, who went from comedian to President of Ukraine. She named herself after the series of the same name, "Servants of the People", in which Zelenskyj has been seen since 2015 - as a history teacher who becomes president after his rant against corruption spread rapidly on the Internet.

The success on television helped Zelenskyi win a landslide victory over incumbent Petro Poroshenko in the presidential election in April. But his party does not yet have any members in parliament. To change that, the new president called new elections immediately after he was sworn in. The 41-year-old is hoping for a majority in parliament with which he can push through his reforms.

Far ahead

In current polls, "servant of the people" is between more than 34 and almost 41 percent of the vote - and thus far ahead of the competition. The Kremlin-friendly opposition platform came in second with around eight to nine percent. The party of the former President Petro Poroshenko, "European Solidarity", follows in third place with around six to seven percent. It currently occupies just under a third of the seats in parliament. But: about every fourth respondent has not yet made a decision.

Vote at the first congress in the short history of "Servants of the People"

For people who live in the separatist areas, Zelenskyi's party promises a "system of informational reintegration". There were no further explanations in the party program. A "veto right of the population for newly passed laws" is also to be introduced, which is also not further explained.

Another plan is an "economic pass" for Ukrainian children. According to this, part of the profits from the use of natural resources should flow into children's bank accounts. Illegal deforestation wants to make "servants of the people" a criminal offense. The party also wants to provide broadband internet throughout Ukraine and offer government services online.

More military spending

At the international level, the party aims to increase Ukrainian military spending from 3.4 percent of gross domestic product in 2017 to 5 percent. The military is to be reformed according to NATO standards. The party also wants to expand its cooperation with the North Atlantic Defense Alliance and move closer to the European Union.

The election is expected to take place on July 21st instead of the end of October. It is not yet clear whether the early election will take place. Next Tuesday, the Constitutional Court will begin examining whether the dissolution of parliament was lawful.