Have you ever been a vegetarian

19 things that all vegetarians who have always been vegetarians know

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Yes, you didn't eat meat as a child. No, you haven't died of "protein deficiency" yet !!!

1. When freshly baked vegetarians talk about how much they miss meat, you're more like:

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I've never liked it, man.

2. You were SUPER embarrassed to be that one kid in class who couldn't eat bratwurst at school parties.

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Most of the teachers were confused - not to mention the taunts from your classmates.

3. Whenever your parents wanted to take you to a restaurant, you all hoped that at least ONE of the children's dishes would be meatless.

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And not always shit kid schnitzel, ey.

4. You've really heard EVERY vegetarian joke there is.

"Vegetarians are eating the food of my food!!!" - "SCHNAUZE."

5. And you can no longer count the number of times you discussed protein with people because they were afraid you wouldn't eat any more.

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Strangely enough, after having "not ingested protein" for a lifetime because you didn't eat meat, you're still alive! Amazing.

6. And: "But you don't know what you're missing !!"

Sorry buddy. I don't dream of steak and ground meat at night. Live with it.

7. You literally have no idea how to cook meat.

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Do you have to ... skin the chicken first?

8. And someone had to explain this whole "how do you want your hamburger?" Thing to you.

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Bloody, undercooked, medium ... It's like a foreign language.

9. The thought of eating a whole steak makes you sick.

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And could it actually actually make you vomit?

10. When you were younger, you tried to adapt to your carnivorous friends.

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But the older you get, the more you don't care not to eat meat while grilling.

11. Traveling abroad has always been ... rather difficult for you.

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Especially when the menus are in a different language that you don't understand.

12. And if you accidentally eat something with meat, you will notice it IMMEDIATELY.

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Because it's so different from anything you ever eat.

13. You ate an AMAZING amount of pasta in your youth.

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If nothing works, noodles work. The wisdom of all vegetarian young people.

14. And pizza with a lot of cheese.

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15. And potatoes. In all forms.

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16. You don't really feel like a meat substitute.

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Though you don't mind eating it.

17. You have always had a special rapport with other vegetarians.

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18. This is how you react when others think you are not eating meat because it is "trendy" at the moment:

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19. And in the end you are sure: the way you grew up was just right!

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More vegetables for everyone!

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