What is Zee Mitra

Bollywood is very close

Indian TV channel in the German cable network

Comedy, action, music, passion and intoxicating colors: the productions of the world's largest film industry have coined their own genre under the heading “Bollywood” and effortlessly fill an entire television program with more than 3,800 films.

Under the motto “I Feel Bolly Good”, “Zee.One” started at the end of July 2016 - with a “high-quality entertainment program around the clock”, which aims to bring the Bollywood attitude to life on German TV. The go-ahead was given by the Indian ambassador to Germany, Gurjit Singh, Punit Goenka, CEO “Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited”, Amit Goenka, CEO “International Broadcast Business ZEEL”, Friederike Behrends, CEO “Asia TV” - and the megastar who came specially Shah Rukh Khan, who is also the Brand Ambassador of “Zee.One”: “The great thing is that we will also be shooting in Germany,” says the Delhi-born “SRK”.

"We want to entertain the viewers with the best films, series and music every day," says Friederike Behrends, CEO of "Asia TV": "'Zee.One' is a program for all the senses!" Clear approval from Shah Rukh Khan, probably most requested guest of the day at the start of the broadcast. "The launch of 'Zee.One' is a further step in our internationalization strategy," emphasized Amit Goenka, CEO of "International Broadcast Business, ZEEL": "We are convinced that entertainment at the highest level is an attractive addition to the existing television offering for viewers “Zee.One”, target group: women between the ages of 19 and 59, want to show a wide variety of Bollywood films and series - with versions specially made for the German market, from romance to comedy to action, including in HD quality. The program also includes music clips with choreographies from the films and in-house productions.

Whether Shah Ruhk Khan, Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra, music videos, exclusive documentaries and series: The affiliation of the “Zee.One” operating company “Asia TV” to the Indian media group “Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited” (“ZEEL”, one of the leading Indian companies Media and entertainment companies) secures access to an almost inexhaustible supply of authentic broadcast content. With around 220,000 hours of programming worldwide, it is one of the largest producers and distributors of Hindi programs. "Zee Entertainment" has the largest Hindi film library in the world with more than 3,800 film titles from studios and legendary film stars. With its strong international presence, the company has around one billion people in 171 countries. (ps / jow)

Information: "Zee.One" is fed into the majority of the integrated networks of "Tele Columbus", "primacom" and "pepcom", thus achieving a high household range right from the start. High-quality films and series from the Indian film industry should be shown around the clock: “Zee.One” should also be gradually expanded to include entertainment programs and magazines produced in-house, www.zeeone.de/