How do you stop singing nasally

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    Nasal agree ... Still good?

    Hi Guys!

    I am probably one of quite a few on this forum who has a problem with nasal singing! I have to honestly say that I never fully noticed it myself, but I was often asked about it on YouTube comments, but always with a positive background! So comments like:
    "Could it be that you sing nasal? It sounds megaaa good!"

    I'm happy to read something like that, but I still want to learn to train my voice enough so that I can get more air out of my chest area! I think that by doing this I might get an octave more out of my voice!

    So on the whole my nasal voice doesn't bother me because it is not that extreme, but it would still be nice to get 1 or 2 well-intentioned pieces of advice!

    Best regards


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    You really aren't the only one singing the nasal!
    A friend of mine is Afro-American and, as you probably know, they have particularly good voices (e.g. gospel singers)!
    However, she also sang through her nose more, if I can put it that way! If you like listening to jazz, you will have probably noticed that some celebrities also sing this way!
    How about you with singing lessons?
    I take classical singing lessons and of course you learn a lot there!
    Just stand in front of a mirror and do some breathing exercises!
    You have to make sure that your shoulders do not move when you breathe, you have to shift the air into the abdominal area!
    It is best to hold your hands in front of the lower part of your stomach and breathe out first, then in on O and let the air out again on FFFFFFFFFFF.
    Do this a few times more and try to do it while singing.
    Maybe I could help you a little! If you have any questions, just write to me! But if people tell you that they like it, you have to know if you want to continue singing like this; I personally find a clear, full voice of course much nicer!

    Kind regards Kleene Jule

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