Is vodka the strongest liquor

What is the strongest drink in the world?

At the time of writing, the strongest beer in circulation is a Scottish-made larger / pilsner snake venom. From Brewmeister, this beer is 67.5% ABV. and it is highly recommended that you only drink small amounts in one sitting. Buy a bottle (275 ml) of this and get £ 54.99 back

Apart from there was this beer Koelschip Mistery Of Beer - Brouwerij het Koelschip that was 70% ABV, but as is well known is no longer in circulation and production stopped when the brewery closed

What the entire As for alcohol, Spirytus rektyfikowany, a 96% vodka, is the strongest spirit. The cheapest you can find is a small bottle (10cl) which costs £ 7.95. It is highly recommended not to drink these clean as it would be harmful

Digital trauma

I believe the upper limit for yeast fermentation is 25-30%. Do they reach up to 67.5% by removing ice or is distillation also necessary?

Jamie Eltringham ♦

Yes, freeze distillation is how they get the high percentage

Jack Aidley

In my opinion, anything that has been freeze distilled is no longer beer. I don't know what it is is but it sure isn't beer!

Jamie Eltringham ♦

@ JackAidley I've tried snake venom and it sure tastes like a beer

Jamie Eltringham ♦

@ JackAidley I also tried Sink The Bismarck and I agree :)