Is shine com a scam

Shein: Experience and evaluation - how serious is the shop?

In the Shine online shop you can buy inexpensive, stylish clothes, which many customers around the world do too. But how serious is Shein actually? Can you shop there with a clear conscience and what are the experiences or ratings of the customers like? GIGA clarifies ...

Shein is one of the many China shops that have shot up like mushrooms in recent years and are trying to get their share of the deal. The shop attracts mainly with large-bodied promises at very low prices. However, if you look at the reviews and experiences of Shein, then strong doubts arise that everything is going well.

Shine is real, but customers often fall for fake shops. This is how you recognize them:

Shein reviews on the internet

If you get a lot of bad marks on the consumer platform Trustpilot, then that's bad for business. But if the portal indicates that many positive reviews have been deleted because they were fake, then the last customer should also be suspicious.

This is exactly what happened to Shein: The Shein reviews on Trustpilot already speak a clear language and clearly show that you shouldn't buy anything there.

Currently, the rating there is now “unsatisfactory”, but more than half of the customers rate Shein as “unsatisfactory” and “unsatisfactory”.

There are always the same allegations and experiences with Shein orders:

  • Orders don't arrive.
  • Wrong items are being sent.
  • The Chinese sizes don't fit.
  • The goods are of inferior quality and do not correspond to the descriptions (for example polyester instead of cotton).
  • Returns do not work and supposedly never arrive.
  • The support is inadequate, does not respond, rejects grounds for complaint.
  • The full amount will not be reimbursed.
  • The customer has to pay some of the high return postage to China.

These complaints are not uncommon for China shops. Everything works at first, but over time the complaints get out of hand and companies find that the business is no longer so worthwhile when you have a lot of returns. Support staff also cost money, especially when complaints pile up.

Lately in particular, many customers have been complaining about the unreliability of delivery, wrong articles and a support that only reacts with incomprehensible form letters from the Google Translate and wants to get rid of its customers.

Our conclusion on Shein

The prices are tempting, but the Shein customer experience isn't. You must always be aware that you are with a China shop ordered and in a problem case you have no way of legally enforcing your claims.

  • You should if possible small orders do so in order not to lose too much money at once. Orders from 19 euros are free of charge, they shouldn't be significantly higher.
  • Uses PayPal as a payment method, to the Consumer protection to be able to use. In addition, PayPal will reimburse you for the return costs if there are problems with them. In such a case the money is not lost and at the same time you have no additional costs.
  • Ordered in one China shop never under time pressure! If you absolutely need a dress for a party in 14 days, you shouldn't order it from China. The transport time there can be a month and even then you have to be able to rely on the fact that everything is in order with the goods.

Against the background that from July 2021 every order from China will be more expensive anyway, because the German customs and tax laws will then change, you should always check whether there is an alternative to Shein and similar China shops that is safer for you and is more reliable.

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