What's your favorite Monteverdi piece

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What do you need to get going in the morning?

Music helps.


What item do you never leave the house without?

Without my calendar.


Which deceased artist, politician, person would you like to go for a beer / wine with?

There are so many personalities whose faces I would just like to see and whose charisma I would like to perceive. Choosing between Gandhi, Jeanne d’Arc and Goya is extremely difficult.



A person like Gandhi, who simply did not accept that as an individual, nothing could be changed, fascinates me! He was not a saint, but a complex personality who steadily went its own way.

Jeanne d’Arc - I would really like to ask her about the interrogations and the conversations with the Dauphin.

Goya began to see differently after he became deaf. He literally lit up people.


What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

Believe in you. Listen to your inner voice and dare to go alone.


Coffee or tea?

First coffee, then tea.


Which is more appealing to you: city or country life?

I love the quiet, but I couldn't live in the country. I need a very quiet apartment in the middle of the city with a tree in front of the window.


What music do you listen to privately?

I listen to opera, music from all eras, Russian and Spanish music, Django Reinhardt, Nas (God’s Son), Shirley Bassey, Jeff Buckley, ...


Vacation in Cuba or hike through Scotland?

Definitely a hike through Scotland with lots and lots of fog and clouds!


Favorite piece in your home?

My Blüthner grand piano.


A favorite place in Graz?

I'm just discovering! Graz is beautiful!


Your last book?

"Bestie Mensch" by Émile Zola


How do you relax between rehearsals?

Quickly to my apartment, shut the door, cook and read.


Do you have a special ritual before the performance?

Anticipation and focus.


If your role were a natural phenomenon, which one would it be?

Ivy clinging to the wall of the house.


What do you associate with your role? What is strange to you?

Larina didn't really come to terms with the trauma of her forced marriage. She has silenced the grief for her love and convinced herself that habit is a good substitute for happiness. She has given up reaching for the stars.

I understand it, and yet it is alien to me.


A sentence from the opera that particularly affects you?

“Shouldn't we just laugh before the hand is stained with blood? Shouldn't we part amicably? "


If you hadn't become an opera singer, would you probably today ...?

Be a painter.