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Back at home again: How do you overcome the culture shock after your stay abroad?

At some point the day comes when you land back in Germany, are picked up by family and friends at the airport and don't have enough time to tell everything, what you experienced.

The first days at home are exciting, everything is old and new at the same time. You can finally hug friends and family that you haven't seen in a long time and of course also missed them again and talk to them without interruptions due to poor internet connections.

You have to go back to the first Get used to everyday life and you will notice - faster than you think everything will be back to normal.

And then comes the moment when everything in you disturbs your old life. It rains too much, the people are not as open as in the country where you lived until recently, and you lack freedom.

You experience a culture shock in your own country - the so-called Reverse culture shock. And nobody understands you.

Of course it's very easy to lock yourself in your room, look at photos and think all the time about how much you really want to go back. But of course this is unfortunately not possible in most cases, and you will soon have to return to your everyday life in your home country.

The culture shock in one's own country is sometimes even more difficult to overcome than the one abroad.

The phases are very similar, however, here too, after the honeymoon phase, full of happiness and excitement, there follows a depression in which you have the feeling of sinking. But just like abroad, you can overcome the culture shock in your own country.

We want to help you, you in your country to feel at home againwithout having the feeling of not being able to integrate the internship abroad into your life. Here are 6 things you can do to stop feeling strange in your own country.

6 tips to overcome the culture shock in Germany

1. Take your time to arrive

If you are planning your internship abroad, you should make sure that you not directly Have to meet obligations again the day after your arrival.

It is best to have a week before school, university, work or other appointments go back to normal. Just to recover from jetlag, to unpack your things and to rearrange yourself, you need a few quiet days.

And the reflections from the previous article can also help you a clear head and not having to mourn the great experience all the time.

2. Take the time to meet up with friends

If you have slept enough and your laundry is already in the dryer, and you have the feeling that you would like to be back again, then meet up with friends, siblings or grandparents who you have not seen for a long time.

Many will listen eagerly when you hear from the Telling experiences, and you will notice that while you were away some things happened at home that you did not even notice.

But not just talking about the experiences helps to process the culture shock.

Do something with all of the people you've been physically separated from for so long, at least. The distracts and you will also quickly find that you have missed your friends.

3. Exchange yourself

You are sure to have friends who have either experienced something similar or who have even shared experiences abroad with you.

The people you met abroad and who were in the same situation as you are now feeling similar and they can understand you much better, of course than all the friends and family back home who weren't there at all.

Make an appointment to chat, whether it's about Sykpe or if you're meeting in one of your cities - it helps to talk together about your perceptions and feelings, and maybe even those plan next trip (You can find tips for this under "Planning your next trip").

4. Experience your culture more consciously

Surely you quickly noticed things about your own culture that are treated very differently abroad.

How much we value material things here in Germany openness of people in other cultures, flexibility that Attitude to life and many other situations and moments will surely come to your mind when you your own culture look a little closer.

Perhaps you notice places where you can combine both cultures?

A bit of Brazilian openness the next time you meet strangers, a bit of Moroccan flexibility when planning the next weekend or just put the material things in the background and the little things in life enjoy?

5. Finally kebab again!

During your internship abroad you must have thought: “How I would like to have a doner kebab now!”, Right? Whole grain bread, Carbonated water, a fresh salad or just that freedom to do what you want because you are not dependent on your host family.

Now you can do all these little things enjoy again. Above all, it will help you to find your way back in your own culture and to appreciate it again.

6. Be grateful for what you were allowed to experience

Far too often we value things and moments too little and take them for granted.

And when they suddenly no longer exist, then we only feel how much we miss them. But that doesn't make it any easier for you.

On the contrary: you should be aware of how unique that experience was and that you shouldn't mourn it afterwards, but rather rejoice over and over again to have been able to experience all these things.

It is perfectly normal for you to come back back abroad and that you have the feeling that your friends and family do not understand how you are and why you are behaving this way.

But look at it from another side: in every moment in which you act differently than before your internship abroad, you notice how you do changed and developed you.

And the fact that your environment at home seems to have stood still is due to the fact that you are always alone abroad challenging situations are located. As a result, you naturally develop much faster than if you experience the same everyday life every day.

If you can't take it anymore: Plan your next trip and get in touch with us now!