Why am I afraid of sex

Honest Confessions: People Who Are Afraid of Sex

It's the most beautiful thing in the world, but for many intimacy is horror. Whisper users are ruthlessly honest about why they are afraid of sex

People have sex for a variety of reasons. It's a token of affection and intimacy, it's fun, and sometimes it's really just for starting a family. As natural as "the most beautiful thing in the world" is, the fear of sexual intercourse is also widespread. On "Whisper", numerous users write anonymously, emotionally and ruthlessly honestly about their blockage that prevents them from having sex.

1. Uncertainty

Sex means sharing your most intimate privacy with someone, showing yourself naked and exposing yourself to harm. For many, insecurity seems to be a reason not to have sex. They fear making mistakes and believe that they will not be able to meet expectations.

"I'm scared of sex because I think it'll get weird and I'll do everything wrong. Whoever it was, the person wouldn't be impressed with me."

"Sometimes I fear it because I believe that my penis is not big enough to please women," writes one man on the subject.

2. Fear of pain

Will i be in pain? This is a question that particularly preoccupies teenagers - and women especially, before they have sexual intercourse. Sometimes so much that you can't bring yourself to bear.

"The thought scares me. I talk about it all day, but when the time comes, I'm afraid it'll hurt."

3. Unintended consequences

Sex is not always safe. Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted in this way and you can also become pregnant unintentionally. Despite various contraceptive methods, this causes such aversion and fear in some people that they would rather leave it alone than fear unwanted consequences.

"I'm scared of sex because I'm scared of getting pregnant. Nothing guarantees it won't happen."

4. Bad experiences

This is one of the saddest entries. It can take a long time to process bad experiences or even sexual abuse and to become intimate again. This user, for example, was not valued for her personality, but only used for sex by her ex-boyfriend.

"I'm scared of it because my last partner only used me for it."

5. Just not ready

The best tip you can give everyone: take your time, just don't let yourself be rushed to do things you don't want and have your own rhythm. Sometimes it's just that you're not ready to share everything with another person - even though the affection is actually there. That is perfectly okay and has to be accepted.

"Although I love my boyfriend, I'm afraid to sleep with him. I'm not ready for so much intimacy, even though I want to."