In what century was photography developed?

The history of photography from its beginnings to today

In times of digitization, mass hobby photos and selfies, the photo has become an apparently indispensable medium. The huge diversity that prevails in photography today can look back on a long history, which, in addition to the development of cameras, film and technology, has also produced a wide variety of styles.

From nostalgic pieces to factual texts to picture books - in our selection you will find interesting titles across the period and style history of photography.

The beginnings of photography and its development

The two French Joseph Nic phore Ni pce and Louis Daguerre, who developed the first techniques and chemical processes for capturing images, are considered to be the "discoverers of photography". The world's first photo taken by Ni pce with a camera obscura is from 1826.

From black and white to color

The first modern color film was developed by the Agfa company in 1936. While color photography has replaced black and white film in the amateur sector, it has never been able to completely replace it in artistic photography.

Digital photography

Digitization towards the end of the 20th century gave photo technology a whole new dimension. Now it was possible to save photos no longer on film material, but on digital data carriers. Photos can now be easily viewed, deleted and edited using software.

Eminent photographers

Photography was shaped by a large number of photographers. In addition to a personal style and a specific topic, they are also associated with a certain time and conception of photography.

Applications of photography

In the early days of photography, portrait photography was the determining factor. The genre of nude and erotic photography developed from around 1847, followed by the first travel and reportage photography from the 1850s. But amateur photography can also look back on a long history, which began with the development of the first handheld cameras in the 1870s.

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