What are the different types of anarchism

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In a nutshell
When there are no rules that everyone obeys, there is anarchy. Then there are no laws, everyone does what he wants. How can that work? Talk about it!


The Greek word "anarchos" means something like "lack of domination" or "lawlessness". A society in which there is anarchy is a society in which no one is in charge. There is no state power and no elected representatives in a parliament. There is also no monarchy or any other form of rule.

Those who want anarchy are called "anarchists". You stand up for total human freedom. There should be no rules, no one should rule over the other, so no one should have to obey laws made by other people or a government. Some people believe that such a society is worth striving for, others fear that in such a society only the strongest wins and chaos reigns.

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