When was the last time Narendra Modi addressed the press?

Trump shoots himself at Brazil and India

No sooner has the new free trade agreement in North America been finalized than US President Donald Trump has set his sights on the trade policies of India and Brazil.

Speaking to journalists, US President Donald Trump said on the occasion of the celebrations for the agreement on the "USMCA" revised NAFTA agreement with Canada and Mexico, India and Brazil were part of the growing list of countries that, in his view, the US in bilateral trade Treat unfairly.

"India demands huge tariffs from us. When we send Harley Davidson motorcycles or other things to India, they demand very, very high tariffs," said Trump. He raised the subject in an interview with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who promised that he would reduce tariffs "very substantially".

There was no short-term reaction from the Modis office, but recently the Indian government has stepped up its protectionist measures and increased import tariffs on numerous products in order to promote its "Made in India" program.

After criticizing India, Trump took on Brazil, the second largest economy on the continent. "Brazil is another case. They ask us what they want," he said. "If you ask some companies, they say Brazil is one of the toughest in the world, maybe the toughest in the world." Brazil is basically a very closed economy and recently had trade disputes with the USA over products such as ethanol and steel.

Brazil's Foreign Trade Minister Abrao Neto described trade relations with the US as "very positive". Over the past ten years, the United States has had a combined trade surplus of $ 90 billion in goods and $ 250 billion in goods and services.