Who accepts specification scripts

Which Star Trek episodes were based on specification scripts?

Recently I became aware that some Star Trek episodes for various series were based on specification scripts, essentially unsolicited (fan) submissions. (And as the cliché says, that blew me away)

For example, the TNG episode Yesterday's Enterprise (the script has been heavily modified, but still).

Is there a list of all the special script episodes (that come from open submissions) for all Star Trek series?

Gorchestopher H.

A list you say


@GorchestopherH It could be huge, but it should be finite - there is currently no Star Trek series on air.


@GorchestopherH You know, unless you can find a reference as shown in the question. () This is not a bad list question.


You could probably parse Wikipedia and Memory Alpha to get a large number. "The Bonding" was Ron D. Moore's first script to be written to specification. It's awful too.


@jonnyflash Thanks for the suggestion. Not all of them may be declared as such in Memory Alpha. The article "The Bonding" does not mention this in these words.


There were at least 6

According to this article, Write for Star Trek, written in 1996, 4 specification scripts were accepted for production.

  • "The Bonding" Ron Moore
  • "A Man's Measure" Melinda Snodgrass
  • "The Offspring" Rene Echevarria
  • "Tin Man" Dennis Bailey and David Bishoff

Eric Stillwell invented the story for Yesterday's Enterprise for TNG and Prime Factors for Voyager.

Robert Hewitt Wolfe's first big break was selling the script "A Fistful of Datas," but it is not clear if it was really a "specification script" or if he was in some capacity for Paramount at the time.