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CRM manager - what does it bring for the company?

The basic idea of ​​a CRM manager is not new

Everyone speaks of Customer Relationship Management (CRM for short) when they mean the obsolescence of customer relationships. The appointment or recruitment of a CRM manager is often associated with the growing importance of customer loyalty for corporate business.

The relevance of customer loyalty after the customer acquisition was already clear in the corner shop: "CRM manager" Tante Emma managed to react to individual requests and appropriate recommendations because she knew many names of her customers and knew about their preferences to pronounce.

The customers felt valued and well advised. That's why they kept going back to the store to go shopping. They expressed their satisfaction with recommendations to other people, which then brought new potential customers to the corner shop.

This is how a successful customer relationship still works today, regardless of the industry.

The mom and pop principle has grown in scope

The tasks of those responsible for maintaining customer relationships are basically like those in a corner shop. But especially in larger companies, the tasks are more extensive and a lot more complex and multi-layered. That is why companies implement a CRM system that supports the various activities with customers with functions for communication and analysis.

What does a CRM manager have to be able to do?

Or: What does the person responsible for CRM need? In our experience, it must above all be versatile.

Areas of responsibility

Like mom and pop, the top manager of customer relations also has the goals of customer loyalty and acquisition, but uses a variety of measures that were or are not common for a corner shop.

1. Using the CRM strategy, he works out the CRM goals with all departments and employees of the company who are involved in the measures.

2. The CRM manager and his team analyze the data on buying behavior, customer development or the company's current market situation. In this way, for example, potential for cross-selling can be uncovered.

3. In order to unearth these "treasures" and increase customer satisfaction, the Customer Relationship Manager installs, coordinates and optimizes all CRM processes in sales, marketing and service and reports the analyzes and successes to top management.

4. Often it is also the customer relationship manager who helps the company to introduce suitable software. It digitally supports customer management across the entire customer journey. To do this, he researches promising CRM tools and usually also leads the CRM project. The goal is to provide all information about the customer and the experiences with the customer in sales, marketing and service.

CRM manager skills

5. The customer relationship manager needs professional skills especially in the areas of marketing and sales. A certain understanding of software (CRM system) and numbers (analyzes) is also part of it.

6. As with mom and pop, in addition to the technical skills for the job of CRM manager, good manners, a well-groomed appearance as well as leadership and communication skills in dealing with employees, but also customers are relevant.

7. In contrast to mom and pop, a CRM manager often works outside of the store or, today, in the office, since discussions with customers play an important role. On the one hand, independent work and effective time management and, on the other hand, teamwork is required when other departments of the company are involved in campaigns. That's why one thing shouldn't be missing at all: emotional intelligence.

The link in customer relationship management

8. Customer relationship management should not be assigned to a department such as marketing, sales, or service. By appointing a full-time CRM manager in the company, conflicting goals can be avoided. He then acts in the role of an impartial authority when it comes to optimizing the CRM processes and CRM solution.

If, on the other hand, the CRM instructions come from one department, difficulties can arise among the departments.

The customer relationship manager is not just the link between the specialist departments. Rather, it can act as the central point of contact for department heads and act as the interface to external service providers and the CRM software supplier.

CRM manager's tool: CRM software

CRM software supports the CRM manager in optimizing customer relationship management by recording all relevant customer data and processes. In this way, he gains a valid database for his work. In addition, the CRM software supports all areas of the company that are connected to the customer with the newly created transparency and the central provision of information and increases their efficiency.

A CRM system is particularly helpful for the function of the CRM manager as a link between the departments: Customer relationship programs, which address the requirements in sales, marketing and service, reduce conflicts between employees.

In order for all employees to recognize the benefits of the CRM system, they must be involved in the phases of the introduction of a CRM system as far as possible and CRM software has to be provided with a functional overview. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved. The team around the CRM manager record further requirements in the CRM requirements overview, on the basis of which the software evaluation is successfully implemented.

The customer relationship manager is also relieved by this interaction and has to coordinate less.