How can I start my own show?

Helge Schneider starts "own little private show"

"People, nonsense and philosophers at Helge Schneider" is the name of the WDR broadcast, which is initially only planned as a single piece. The concept is very loose.

Comedian and musician HelgeSchneider (57) is talked about and gets his own show on WDR television. The 75-minute program is called "Helge has time - people, nonsense and philosophers at HelgeSchneider" and will be shown on October 20 at 10.45 pm, as Westdeutscher Rundfunk announced on Monday in Cologne.

It is only a show, further episodes are not initially planned, said a WDR spokeswoman. There is no rigid concept, but rather: "We'll make music, talk and drink, maybe someone will bring something, maybe not, maybe Helge has prepared something, maybe not - everything is possible on this evening."

Helges own little private show

The entertainer already worked for WDR television for a long time more than 20 years ago: From 1985 to 1991 he co-hosted - initially with Reinhold Beckmann - in the music program "Off-Show", performing sketches about the best and interviewing musicians . Schneider - also known as "Singing Herrentorte" or "Mr. Katzenklo" - wants to invite you to Cologne's city garden this time. His guests: "Great artists and talents to be discovered, lateral thinkers and good friends."

Schneider writes about this on his homepage: "I'm sometimes on TV for work. Now I'm happy to be able to do my own small private show. Without advertising, of course."


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