What are the reasons for studying in Australia?

Study in Australia

Have you already thought about applying for a scholarship? With a partial or even a full scholarship, the costs of tuition fees and living costs can be drastically reduced. There are several ways to get financial support:

  • The scholarship service of the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS): The homepage provides an overview of government scholarships in 40 countries for which you can apply. Contact details, application deadlines and more detailed information can be found here under Scholarships for Study Abroad: www.crus.ch
  • GOstralia !: The organization represents the Australian universities and acts as a middleman for students from German-speaking countries. It offers partial and full scholarships between 5,000 and up to 25,000 Australian dollars for various programs and universities. In addition, there is a raffle for a free flight to Australia every semester. You can find more about this at: www.gostralia.de
  • Pestalozzi Foundation: The foundation supports young people under the age of 30 from Swiss mountain regions and remote rural areas. It is possible to obtain grants or various types of loans. You can find more at: www.pestalozzi-stfitung.ch
  • Ranke-Heinemann Institute: The institute is also the Australian-New Zealand University Association and advises German-speaking Swiss on all aspects of studying Down Under. University students have the opportunity to apply for a partial or full scholarship as well as a travel expense reimbursement. You can find more information at: https://www.ranke-heinemann.de/australien/
  • Partial scholarships from the university: If you study in Australia as part of an exchange program at your university, you will remain regularly enrolled in Switzerland and continue to pay the fees due there, but you are exempt from these at most Australian partner universities. Simply find out more about the various options at your university.

The student visa

Anyone traveling to Australia needs a visa. A tourist visa is sufficient for short stays of a maximum of three months, for example to take part in an English, computer or business course. Students who stay in Australia for more than three months - as is the rule at universities - require a student visa. Some agencies in Switzerland offer the service to help you with the application.

In general, there are many types of visas in Australia. Within the student visa category, there are also various visa classes, so-called subclasses, which differ based on the type of stay, for example for bachelor or master students.

The formalities for a visa application

Students from Switzerland can apply for a visa online via the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the so-called Assessment Level 1. The prerequisite is that you are of legal age and not accompanied by family members. The visa can be issued no earlier than four months before the start of the course.

Your application will be processed relatively quickly, usually within two working days. However, this can be delayed before the start of the semester, so plan some waiting time. The visa will be sent to you by e-mail and linked to the number of your passport - so it is electronically stored when you enter the country. Tip: To be on the safe side, print out the visa and put it in your passport as proof.

Work permit for students

With the student visa, you automatically receive a work permit for Down Under, which is valid on the first day of your studies. This entitles you to work 20 hours a week during the semester and even full-time during the holidays.

A visit to the homepage of the Australian Embassy in Berlin or the Swiss Consulate General in Geneva could be helpful for you.

Relevant documents

You will need the following documents for your stay:

  • a valid passport;
  • a confirmation of enrollment from the university, or CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment);
  • Proof that you have taken out health insurance abroad. You pay this together with the tuition fees, which is then confirmed in the CoE. Important: Swiss health insurances are not accepted in Australia.
  • The completed form "Form 157A: Application for a student (temporary) visa"
  • Credit card details for visa payment (AU $ 450) and
  • a passport photo