Who are the people who wear charm bracelets

Charm bracelet

The meaning of the charm bracelet has changed more and more over time. The original idea of ​​the charm bracelet was created by collecting small lucky charms or lucky pendants in gold and silver. Since you always wanted to carry these with you, they were strung like pearls on a bracelet. So you could always carry your jewelry with you. On top of that, people like to buy a souvenir while on vacation. So that you will never forget your romantic vacation in Paris, for example, you can buy a small Eiffel Tower and then attach it to the charm bracelet. Many people even have two or three charm bracelets, one for holiday souvenirs and the other for small gifts from the people they are close to.

Each charm bracelet thus tells a small but fine story that is embodied by the pendants. However, it is and remains a piece of jewelry, a bracelet with various pendants on it. The carrier's concern is to steadily increase the number of followers. Was it perhaps the frequent and repeated wish to receive a begging pendant as a gift that made begging the namesake for the charm bracelets? If you ask someone today about a charm bracelet, it means a silver bracelet, which also has silver pendants. These pendants are called charms. These charms are then attached to the charm bracelet with a small snap hook. Because the pendants are also called charms, the charm bracelets are also known as charm bracelets. Everyone who wears such a bracelet still has the goal of increasing the number of charms on the bracelet. These charm bracelets are currently very popular again, as the selection and arrangement of the charms is a very individual matter. Thus, every bracelet equipped with charms is a very personal and individual piece of jewelry, which is sure to draw attention to itself.

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