Who makes Google+ or Bing worse

Search engines: Microsoft's Bing can do that better than Google

From the point of view of many, Google delivers the highest quality search results, which is why users use Yahoo or Bing only marginally. The market shares of the latter services are stagnating in Germany, and if the market leader web service goes on strike, calling the competition comes into question.

Bing in particular does a lot better: It is the successor to the MSN search, later called Windows Live. Bing should be an answer instead of a search engine. Regardless of such claims, little things turn out to be more skillfully resolved. “Computer Bild” shows what they are.

Use the following features to weigh up whether this is sufficient for more frequent use - possibly at least for setting as a second start page or bookmark in the browser.

Ten characteristics

New HD wallpaper every day: First things first: Microsoft provides sporadic or regular Bing users with a fresh background image every day. It has an HD quality of 1920 x 1200 pixels. At the bottom right there is a button with a download option (format: JPEG).

Time search with updated seconds: "Time" or "What time is it", the latter with or without a question mark, elicits a direct time from Google and Bing. Only Bing updates them: With Google, the display remains rigid, when the minute display, for example, the Windows clock or an analog clock, the display in the browser does not move. Bing has a better solution.

There is also a dynamically updating seconds display here. With the market leader you only get a digital display, Bing has the same plus an analog counterpart that shows the seconds mentioned.