Why did Omarosa leave the White House

Ex-advisor incriminates TrumpSecret recordings from the White House

Her name is Omarosa Maigault Newmann, she is 44 years old, worked as head of a communications department in the White House before she was fired in December and is now looking for the public: Today her book "Unhinged" comes out, which means "confused" called. The title, how could it be otherwise, targets the boss in the Oval Office, Donald Trump: he has problems with the truth. And with reality.

Manigault Newman has already appeared in Trump's television shows. She was on his campaign team. And rose to be a consultant in the White House, where she was considered a somewhat difficult employee. Today, nine months after being sacked, she distances herself from Donald Trump and calls it regrettable that she was part of his system.

A new scandal is in the air in Washington. You could dismiss it as a skilful PR campaign by a killed employee who now wants to take revenge - but the many individual parts of her revelations, indiscretions and accusations provoke the question: What is going on in the White House?

Doubtful communication culture in the White House

Manigault Newman, who was the only African American in the higher echelons of the White House, published a recording of her dismissal conversation with Chief of Staff John Kelly on Sunday - recorded in the Situation Room of the White House, of all places, in the Sanctuary, where the highest of all security levels applies and one whole It is certainly forbidden to: make secret sound recordings. "We need to talk to you about leaving the White House," Kelly told the situation room worker. Kelly says he has had problems with her integrity in the past few months, and she wants to keep her confidential. For the sake of their reputation.

Even this recording caused a stir, so Manigault Newman followed up. On Monday, she made an alleged phone call with the president public - again a secret recording. He heard that she wanted to leave the White House, can you hear Trump say what's up? John Kelly kicked you out? He doesn't know anything about it. Nobody talked to him.

Are these recordings authentic? Are you part of a dubious communication culture of the secret recordings in the White House? And why did Maigault Newman resort to this means of documenting confidential conversations? All of these questions are now the subject of debate on the major television networks.

That was for my protection, she justifies herself. If she didn't have these recordings, no one would believe her. And in this White House there is a lie that the beams bend. None of this throws a good light on the working environment in Donald Trump's White House. Everywhere there is talk of a climate of mutual distrust.

"Completely crazy and absolutely unqualified"

Trump felt so provoked by the indiscretions that he already tweeted that Omarosa was completely crazy, so literally, and absolutely unqualified. But Manigault Newman announced that he would no longer have his mouth shut. She wants to make public how corrupt things are in this White House, as she says.