What is the importance of print media

Print media with an above-average employment effect

In a study commissioned by the industry associations VÖZ, ÖZV and VRM, the economic researchers at the Economica Institute researched the economic importance of print media in Austria. For example, 1.6 more jobs are secured per direct job in the print media industry, with the exception of the delivery area.

The survey deals with the core business of print media, the publishing of newspapers and magazines, and uses various data to analyze the employment effects, sales revenues, value chains and fiscal effects of the print media in Austria.

As the data shows, print media cannot be compared to the publishing of books or software. For this reason, they are often only greatly simplified and not depicted realistically in the relevant survey instruments. In particular, the links with the domestic economy are drastically underestimated. In addition, companies that publish magazines and newspapers often also cover related areas, which often makes a clear demarcation and unambiguous assignment to direct or indirect effects more difficult. The Economica study should provide a remedy in this regard.

Direct value creation area of ​​601.3 million euros

The figures show that the print media industry in Austria achieved direct net sales of 1.8 billion euros in 2019 with 7,559 employees, resulting in a direct value-added area of ​​601.3 million euros. Since the publishing of newspapers is linked to a large number of other sectors in the upstream as well as the downstream value chain, economic effects are also triggered in these sectors, so the gross value added is 1.21 billion euros, which is related to 19,874 jobs. The gross value added results from the gross production value reduced by the value of the input required. From this it can be concluded that 1.6 more jobs are secured for each direct job in the Austrian print media industry. The entire delivery area is not taken into account.

“The present study clearly shows that every euro invested in print secures numerous jobs. And not only in print publishers, but also in the rest of the economy. Public bodies in particular should be aware of this, ”emphasizes Dieter Henrich, Managing Director of the Association of Regional Media Austria.

Over 621 million euros in taxes

Another essential part of the study deals with the fiscal effect of print media in Austria. In Austria, a total of 621.2 million euros in taxes are generated through print media. According to VÖZ Managing Director Gerald Grünberger, the results clearly show how labor-intensive and what significant tax and value-added effects are generated by media companies of publishing origin. "Of course we will also make these facts available to those with political responsibility when it comes to assessing issues such as sales tax reductions or press subsidies".