What is 3D printing for jewelry

    Additive manufacturing of high quality single and series products from gold and other precious metals

    On the basis of CAD model data, 3D printers build elegant jewelery layer by layer - without this process being recognizable. The appearance of the finished product is in no way inferior to the art of blacksmithing. In addition, the cost of materials can be reduced through additive manufacturing. Thanks to defined cavities, workpieces can be manufactured in a more cost-effective, resource-saving and lightweight manner.

    Designers benefit from great design freedom because the manufacturing process removes restrictions in terms of design. Even complex structures, such as individual parts that are twisted or interwoven, can be produced in the highest quality. Additive manufacturing is tool-free - and therefore also cost-effective for individual pieces or individualized series production.

    Designers do not have to become technology experts in order to benefit from additive manufacturing: The data of a workpiece designed using a CAD program is taken from the manufacturing system, and easy-to-use software prepares it for production.
    3D printing for jewelry designers and watchmakers

    Beyond the limits of traditional blacksmithing, additive manufacturing of workpieces made of gold has developed to market maturity. The driving force behind this development was Cookson Precious Metals (CPM).

    Large investments in research and development were the basis for designers and manufacturers to usher in a new era in gold processing. Production is more efficient, and restrictions on design and structure are a thing of the past.