How are England and Great Britain alike?

Great Britain and England - What's the Difference?

When doing a student exchange to Great Britain, it is important that you know the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and England, as independence and national awareness are important to all parts of the UK. The special thing about an exchange year in Great Britain is that you have the opportunity to spend your student exchange in three different countries, where you can experience your own national culture as well as an overall British culture.

Great Britain - differs from the United Kingdom and England

Difficult and often done wrong is the distinction between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England. With the United Kingdom one means the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hence officially: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), while Great Britain describes the main island of the British Isles, to which the countries England, Scotland and Wales belong. Thus one means with England, a country of Great Britain, namely the southernmost.

Great Britain - Differences and Similarities

Great Britain has very different landscapes with more rural areas, mainly in Scotland and Wales, as well as many large cities, which are mainly located in England. It is also important for one Student exchange to Great Britain to know that the respective countries England, Scotland and Wales have their own and therefore different school systems. What all countries have in common, however, is that the British are generally considered to be very enthusiastic about sports and like to play and watch football, rugby, golf, tennis and cricket. In addition, Great Britain also includes driving on the “wrong” side, lots of rainy weather, but also mild winter and summer months. Common to all parts is the typical food, which, depending on the part of the country, can also be found with national and regional variations, such as fish and chips, but also a distinctive pub culture and great international cuisine. In practice, although not legally stipulated, the official language is English.

Great Britain - England as the most important part

England is the most densely populated part of the United Kingdom, with around 85% of the total population living there. The capital of England, as well as the United Kingdom, is London. The terms England and Great Britain are often used interchangeably. Especially with one Student exchange to England you should avoid making such a mistake as it can easily lead to misunderstandings. Besides, you will with one Experience student exchange to Englandthat the full English breakfast or afternoon tea are typical for England. Castles and palaces, as well as the beach and the sea, also belong to England.