Can I stay anonymous on Instagram?

How can you use Instagram anonymously? How can I prevent my friends from finding my Instagram account and from accidentally ending up in their contact suggestions? If you create an Instagram account and, for example, link it to Facebook or allow access to the contacts, you will usually immediately see numerous suggestions and recommendations for the contacts. Which is quite practical for one user, since you can add all the friends and people you know as a subscription, the other user does not find that so good, for example if you are first under the radar and with the account (or second account) want to remain anonymous. The only question is, how can you use Instagram anonymously and prevent yourself from appearing anywhere in the suggestions?

Secretly set up an Instagram account and hide it from contacts

If you want to use Instagram anonymously and secretly, there are actually only a few things to consider.

  • Do not register your account using the Facebook login.
  • Do not subsequently link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
  • Do not use the email address associated with a Facebook page to register on Instagram (it is best to use a new email address).
  • Don't sync your contacts / phone book with Instagram (Settings - Contact sync - Link to phone book)

The most important thing is actually not to create a link between the Instagram account and the Facebook account, as this usually shows some friends in the suggestions. On the other hand, you will of course also be shown in the suggestions of friends, so that they could possibly become aware of your “anonymous Instagram account”.

If you follow these tips, then you should be able to use Instagram reasonably anonymously; in any case, the account should not be shown in the suggestions of your friends and other known contacts.