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Rapper André Lion: "I can think of ten rhymes for every word"

This pulsating melodic mix of rap, pop, hip-hop and reggae is a treat for your ears and legs. The Elmshorn rapper André Lion released his debut album on October 16 under the title "Hologram".

"Holding your first own CD in your hands is a great feeling," says the 34-year-old.

The disc combines danceable party music with songs to listen to - which can also be heard on the streaming platforms. In his lyrics, Lion doesn't mince his words: "If I wanted, rap would be my job, but I'll never bend over to all the intrigues," he sings while looking at the scene.

Colleagues from the very beginning

André Lion is a loyal guy: the Elmshorn native has been following his dream of a life as a rap musician for 20 years and is happiest in the circle of fellow campaigners from the very beginning. He calls them his “Tag 1er”: “Musicians, singers, graphic designers that I can rely on, who do it honestly and honestly.” The creative collaboration motivates him more than the prospect of commercial success. "I really enjoy sitting down with real friends and recording an album."

Appearance in front of about 7000 people

But he also knows the big stage. At the Strand-Open-Air 2018 in Eckernförde he performed in front of around 7,000 listeners. Jan Delay rapped there that same evening.

International guest musicians

André Lion is rooted in his hometown and once attended the Elsa Brändström School. Today his contacts span the globe. Lion succeeded in recording an international production in the bunker studio below the Johann-Rist-Gymnasium in Wedel. Guest musicians from the USA, Gambia, the Dominican Republic and Hamburg took part, including rapper Ras Kass from Los Angeles.

His greatest coup

The American appears in the title song "Hologram". “This is a dream come true. He's one of the best poets, ”says Lion. He got to know Kass at his concert in Hamburg in 2019. “We talked in-depth backstage.” Six months ago, the man from Elmshorn called the American. "And then we did the song."

The Austria Connection

An Austria connection contributed passages for three titles: Chakuza from Linz raps on the track “Alarm” and there vigorously speaks out to competitors: “You didn't hear the gong. You sound like a giant monkey who likes to destroy Hong Kong. And I'll show the newcomers what dad does. ”Acero MC comes from the Dominican Republic and lives in Vienna. On the track “In my Element” he pushes the pace with Spanish rap. The Viennese by choice Staayouth from Gambia provides relaxed reggae sounds in the quiet title "Around the World".

Elmshorn newcomer Elisa

In the melodious pop pieces "Traum" and "St. Tropez ”sings Lion in a duet with Elmshorn newcomer Elisa. The rapper met her during the “Der Norden Singt” campaign. “She's an incredibly strong singer,” he says.

Lion is most creative on the move

The rap has accompanied André Lion since his teenage days. "At that time I pulled the texts from the Internet and rapped them." He has been writing his own verses since 2002. "For every word I hear, ten rhymes immediately come to mind." He is most creative when he is moving. The inspiration for the title “In my element” came to him on the motorway, for example.

The release party had to be canceled

Lion released his first EP in 2018 under the title "Maybe". He would have liked to present the debut album at a release party, but that fails because of the corona pandemic. "You see me like a hologram," sings Lion in the title song. He describes unhappy love relationships in which people have lost touch with each other. The current attitude towards life “distance” also resonates a little in the words.

CDs with a personal dedication can be ordered at www.andrelion.de.

(By Jan-Hendrik Frank)