What is appropriation

Appropriation (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Appropriation, Plural: An | eig | nun | gen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈAnˌʔaɪ̯ɡnʊŋ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Property law
1a) Taking possession of an abandoned property
1b) unlawful possession of an item
2) Acquisition of knowledge, skills, behavior, ideologies or the like, for example through learning, practicing or getting used to
Origin of the term:
Derivation from the stem of the verb Appropriately with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -ung
1) occupation
Subordinate terms:
2) knowledge acquisition
Application examples:
1a) “With the private appropriation the land, which served both as the most important means of production and as an object of production, was also linked to the private appropriation of cattle. "
1a) “It was argued that the appropriation of abandoned land in German South West Africa as a special prerogative of the protected area treasury, since it could also be exercised by private individuals. "
1b) “The English rule over Ireland went on in the following 200 years with an extensive one appropriation of landed property by the English and a paralysis of the Irish economy. "
1b) “For example, when IS invaded Mosul last year, IS robbed millions of dollars from the vaults of local banks - not to mention the appropriation of the military equipment of the Iraqi army, which fled the city in a hurry and thus saved the terrorists a lot of expenses. "
1b) “China's historical justification for its expansion in the South China Sea is not recognized and with the appropriation of the islands, China is violating the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. "
2) “The acquisition of a foreign language differs from that appropriation a second language primarily because the first process is only reduced to a few hours per week. "
2) “Despite the appropriation of traditions, Picasso always remains himself. "
2) “What is overlooked is that Denglish is not an active, open-minded one appropriation of the foreign, but about a growing linguistic monoculture, including among intellectuals. "
2) “The break with tradition and the opening to the West, to which also the partial appropriation Heard of Leninism would have actually managed to assert the nation against the West - which in no way means that historical continuities are not important as a source of legitimation for the communists. "
2) “Central in teacher training in Vienna is now appropriation of around 30 core competencies such as innovation competence, reflection competence, examination competence, perseverance or even competence orientation competence. "
Typical word combinations:
1) (illegitimate)appropriation, illegalappropriation
Word formations:
Appropriation intention
Nominative: singular appropriation; Plural Appropriations
Genitive: singular appropriation; Plural Appropriations
Dative: singular appropriation; Plural Appropriations
Accusative: singular appropriation; Plural Appropriations


  • English: 1) occupation
  • French: 1) occupation (Female)
  • Italian: 1) occupazione (Female)
  • Persian: 1) مالکیت
  • Polish: 1) zawłaszczenie (neuter)
  • Spanish: 1) ocupación (Female)

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Kim Kardashian is in her latest Instagram statement in the wake of a feud over the appropriation of the word 'kimono' as insightful.
Today.at, July 2nd, 2019

Sovereign appropriation: The great singer covers Talking Heads You can use Kidjo's album as a commentary on the cultural debate appropriation read.
Rolling Stone, August 15, 2018

Cultural appropriation or homage? That is the question in the dispute between the luxury fashion brand Carolina Herrera and the Mexican government.
NZZ Online, July 03, 2019

Trouble for Louis Vuitton. The Mexican government accuses the luxury brand of cultural appropriation in front. The company is now trying to smooth things over and wants to cooperate with Mexican artisans.
Spiegel Online, July 11, 2019

But with the new urban culture and nightlife, the pleasurable way of strolling is experienced appropriation of space is making a comeback.
Deutschlandradio, August 15, 2018

The French fashion house becomes cultural appropriation accused and is not alone with this allegation.
DiePresse.com, January 20, 2020

About Jeanine Cummins' thriller "American Dirt" is a debate about cultural appropriation inflamed. This should be discussed seriously.
TAZ, May 04, 2020

Indian costumes at Mardi Gras are frowned upon. Even those who wear dreadlocks have to live with the accusation of being racist or insensitive. The debate about cultural appropriation above all raises one question.
Welt.de, February 24, 2020

She is the grande dame of European cinema - now Isabelle Huppert plays an Arabic translator. Here she speaks about the accusation of cultural appropriation and the subversive of their films.
Spiegel Online, October 8, 2020

Beyonce is going cultural because of her new visual album 'Black is King' appropriation accused. Mama Tina Knowles defended her on Instagram.
Klatsch-Tratsch.de, July 4th, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • purchase: Acquisition of something; the newly acquired
  • Acquisition: the act of acquiring, acquiring; paid, occupational work; intellectual appropriation; buying, buying; the acquired
  • acquisition
  • investment: Economy Investing capital in wealth in order to generate profit
  • purchase: Trade the purchase of a commodity against payment; Trade the purchased item; Payment to a public official with expected consideration
  • (Forcible) seizure
  • Affiliation
  • Annexation: forcible appropriation of something; Taking possession of, for example, an area
  • annexation: Politics: violent, illegal occupation, appropriation, taking possession of a state territory
  • occupation
  • penetration: activity taking the path through something
  • invasion: joint marching of several people into a building or area; forced entry of military troops into an area
  • Indent: moving into a house, a building, a room; reaching a competition, often a group or team (e.g. in football, marathon or cycling race); Printing: Distance to the sheet, picture or (more generally) to the page margin; Military: Troops march into or capture an area
  • conquest: Military forcible appropriation of foreign territory
  • Territory appropriation
  • invasion: Military intrusion of enemy attackers into foreign territory; Biology Entry of a biological species into an area
  • occupation: military occupation of a foreign territory, in which the exercise of state power is transferred from the existing to the foreign power for the duration of the occupation; International law, colonialism: establishment of territorial sovereignty in previously unruly territory; Law: appropriation of abandoned property (legal concept of property law)

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reception: ... take in, receive, receive) Synonyms: 1) Reception, reception desk 2) Takeover, appropriation 3) Take in, perception Examples of use: 1) I will be at the ...

Dereliction: Surrender of ownership Opposite words: 1) Appropriation Examples of use: 1) Dereliction of land is also possible with a declaration to the responsible land registry office (§928 I BGB)

plunder: ... Plunder | de | ration, plural: Plunder | de | runnings Word meaning / definition: 1) Illegal appropriation of other people's belongings by means of violence or threats of the same or by exploiting ...

exercise:… ['Yːbʊŋ], plural: [' yːbʊŋən, 'yːbʊŋ̍] Word meaning / definition: 1) The active acquisition of a certain skill. The exercise is therefore a learning technique. 2) Text for ...

submission: ... act of surrendering to someone; Acceptance of (coercive) rule or power 2) Forcible appropriation of a domain Origin of the term: derivation of the noun from ...

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