For which jobs are state certifications required

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Corona information:

The area of ​​professional driver qualification law is currently subject to major upheavals due to the corona pandemic, among other things.

This text may therefore not reflect the current legal situation.


Drivers in road haulage or passenger transport for commercial purposes on public roads are required to obtain basic qualifications and further training.

As a provider of a training center, you can offer courses for accelerated basic qualifications or advanced training. For this, your company must be a recognized training center.

There are two different types of recognition: statutory or official.

The following training centers are legally recognized and therefore do not need to apply for further recognition:

  • Driving schools with a driving school permit of the classes CE (truck) or DE (bus)
  • Training companies recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the training occupations "professional driver" or "professional driver" or "specialist in driving operations"
  • Holder of a retraining course to become a "professional driver" or "specialist in driving operations" with recognition from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

If your training center does not belong to any of the groups mentioned, you must have your company recognized on application. If you meet the requirements, you will receive official recognition.

Danger: If you want to offer training courses nationwide, it is necessary to apply for recognition individually for each venue. This applies to both officially and legally recognized training centers. To do this, you must contact the respective approval authority of the city or district responsible at the event location.