Fundamental rights can be changed

Can you change the Basic Law?

If you want to change the Basic Law, you need a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag, i.e. two thirds (66%) of the members of the Bundestag have to say yes (agree).

The most important articles in the Basic Law can no longer be changed (Article 79, Paragraph 3). These are:

1. the summary of fundamental rights in Article 1
2. the summary of the principles of the state in Article 20 and
3. the division of the Federal Republic into federal states and the participation of the federal states in the

New words in this text:

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Changeto change
-e division / s> structure
-e participationparticipation, cooperation
changeto modify, to change
-e summary / ssummary, synopsis
agree (+ dative)to agree, to consent
-e two-thirds majoritytwo-thirds majority