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Money gifts: 4 dos, 4 don’ts & 3 alternatives

Gifts of money are always a great idea. Whether for a wedding, birthday or Christmas - everyone is happy about money, especially if you wrap it in an original way. In the following we explain to you what you should pay attention to.

Money is always a suitable gift, especially if you are a large group. So everyone can give the same share. Together this often adds up to a considerable sum. Even if the recipient is certainly happy about the sum alone, a presentable gift will be better received, and especially if it is packaged in an original way.

Money gifts for every occasion

Money gifts for every occasion

Thanks to beautiful packaging, gifts of money look even more appealing. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are also fun to tinker with. Because many great motifs can be tinkered with coins and banknotes. You can let your creativity run free. Because you can give money design individually and cut exactly to the recipient. Your gift of money is sure to be a great success.

To wrap your gift attractively, you first need it enough bills and coins. That is why it is best to team up with friends and acquaintances so that you can come up with an adequate amount of money. And doing handicrafts with friends is much more fun.

You can now fold the bills and coins or arrange them however you want. So the money turns into a handsome gift that you and some of the others Ornaments can still upgrade. So you have a nice gift ready without much effort. This is especially useful if you have no other idea for a gift, but don't want to just put a few bills in an envelope. Packaged as a gift of money, the cash injection is much more personal.

Tips for the right gift of money

Tips for the right gift of money

Even if it is not laborious to make a gift of money, you better make a few preparations and think about it. Then you give your gift a little more personality. Although you can make everyone happy with money, it is far more appealing if you tailor your gift of money to the recipient - to their personality and the occasion.

Choose a motto

Before you start tinkering with the gift of money, you should first choose a suitable motto. This should especially be used for Recipient's personality fit. Does he have a particular hobby like gliding? Try to fold a glider out of the banknotes and put it together. Then the joy is much greater than simply giving away money in an envelope.

On the other hand, your gift of money should also go to appropriate occasion fit. If you give away money for Christmas, a Christmas motto makes sense. There are countless romantic mottos for the wedding, according to which you can design your monetary gift. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

Buy accessories

If you have chosen a motto, you surely already have an exact picture of your gift in mind. Now it's time to buy the missing parts. Because you can't make a nice gift of money with bills and coins alone. You are sure to find what you are looking for in the craft shop. Here you can find countless Utils and Decorative itemsthat you can use for your cash gift. Of course, you should write down a list beforehand so that you know immediately what to get and everything fits together well. When you have everything you need to craft, you're good to go.

Write a few words

Write a few words appropriate to the gift of money

Your gift of money is nicer and more personal if you write a few words about it. The map can be kept general or personal anecdotes included - depending on how well you know the recipient. A couple also make themselves beautiful claims and Quotes, especially if they correspond to the occasion. You can find a selection of quotes and sayings under the following links:

It is also nice if you design the card according to your motto. Keep this in mind when shopping for accessories, including one homemade card you still need some utensils like cardboard, scissors and pens. Alternatively, you can of course also buy a card. But a card that goes perfectly with the gift of money is more appealing. If you give gifts with friends or acquaintances, they should of course also be signed on the card.

Give a fair amount

How much money you give away is of course entirely up to you. However, if you are unsure, you can use a few guidelines as a guide. These depend on various factors from, for example: whether they are acquaintances, friends or family members, you have a good income yourself or are a student and it is a wedding or a small birthday party. Of course, you don't have to adhere to them, but these guidelines can help you make a decision.

At weddings you give a little more money. After all, you are often invited to a multi-course menu here, which in itself has its price. You should definitely cover these costs. How much you put on top depends on yours financial situation from. As a student, of course, you give less than a full-time worker. You can use the following guidelines as a guide for a cash gift for the wedding:

  • Known: 20 - 50 euros
  • Friends: 50 - 100 euros
  • family: from 100 euros

You usually give less money for birthdays, but also for communions, confirmations or baptisms. Nevertheless, you should also differentiate between acquaintances, friends and family here. You can of course give less money to acquaintances than close family members. Five to 50 euros are appropriate here, depending on the ratio. You should dig deeper into your pockets on these occasions if you are a godfather.

You should avoid this when giving money

What to avoid when giving money

While gifts of money are a great option, there are also some occasions when they are inappropriate. So that your gifts are always well received, you should absolutely avoid the following behaviors.

Money gifts among partners

Whether family, friends or acquaintances - money is always a welcome gift. However, it looks different with love relationships. In this case, gifts of money work impersonal, even if you have put a lot of effort into the packaging. It seems like you're trying to help your partner financially, which can create an imbalance in your relationship. Your partner can sometimes feel devalued by you.

It is nicer to tinker a little something for your partner without you adding money. If you still want to give away a little more value, but you don't have a good idea, just give one Voucher. You can give your gift a little more personality if you buy something that your partner is sure to like.

Inappropriate motto

The motto or motif that you choose for your cash gift should of course match the recipient. Namely, an inappropriate motto may be for some confusion to care. Sometimes it can even come across as not knowing the recipient very well. Because otherwise, why would you give him such an inappropriate gift? For example, if you choose a garden motto for someone who does not know what to do with gardening, you will probably not give them much pleasure with your design. So your effort was in vain. Therefore, think carefully beforehand which motto you will choose for your gift of money.

Loveless packaging

Badly packaged gifts of money are not very appealing

If you want to give a gift of money and wrap your bills according to a certain motto, you should also make a little effort. Because with small effort you won't make an impression. You'd better put the banknotes in an envelope and write a few nice words about it. If you need a little inspiration, you can simply look at a few ideas and tinker with them or modify them according to your preferences. It is important that you allow enough time to invest in the details. You can find tips for better time management here.

Complicated motifs

It's annoying when you've bought everything for your gift, but then don't want to succeed. Motifs that are too complicated and difficult folding techniques can mean that, in the worst case, you end up without a gift and have to give away the money as such. Especially if you don't do much tinkering, it's better to choose simple monetary gifts that you can easily make yourself. If that works well, you can always increase the level of difficulty for the next cash gift or add a few extra details to the gift. If you get support from your children, for example, here are tips for doing handicrafts with children.

Occasions for gifts of money

A wedding is a good occasion for a gift of money

You can give gifts of money on various occasions. Are best suited Major eventswhere you want to give away a larger sum. Then you have enough bills and coins to make an attractive gift. But even with small sums of money you can create nice monetary gifts, even for small birthday parties, Christmas and name days. The following occasions are particularly suitable for gifts of money.


Weddings are the perfect occasion for gifts of money. In order to cover the costs of the celebration and to build a life together, the bride and groom need a lot capital. You can support the bride and groom optimally with a gift of money. In addition, you tend to give away larger sums of money at weddings, especially if you get together with friends or acquaintances for the gift. So you get enough bills and coins to make a great gift of money out of them.


Birthdays are also excellent occasions for gifts of money. Even if you give a lot less money at normal birthday parties than at weddings, you can still make a handsome cash gift. But it is really worthwhile at round birthdays. Big celebrations are often held here where you give more money. Accordingly, you can also make a more elaborate gift of money.


Money gifts are also suitable for Christmas

Gifts of money can also be suitable for Christmas. It is often difficult to find a suitable Christmas present. In these cases it is better to give money so that the recipient can buy something for himself. Or maybe you just want some cash with you bigger project like a long trip or a high quality camera. Even then you can pack the money nicely, for example with the motto of the project. Alternatively, there is of course a Christmas motif for Christmas.


Many young people are very happy to receive a gift of money. Since they often only have to budget with little pocket money, a small financial injection comes in very handy. And especially on occasions like a confirmation, you often give a little more money, which you can pack as a gift of money. You can choose a religious motto or simply go according to the interests of the young person.

Youth consecration

As an alternative to religious festivals, the youth consecration also offers a good opportunity to support the youth financially with a gift of money. Here you can follow the motto Hobbies or purpose of the gift of money choose. For example, if the recipient wants a new guitar, you can fold your money like small musical notes or fold it like a guitar shape to symbolize that the money is intended for the guitar.

Alternatives to monetary gifts

Alternatives to monetary gifts

Of course, you don't have to make gifts of money on any of these occasions. You can also give away many other beautiful things that will surely make the recipient happy. Maybe money isn't personal enough for you as a gift, even if you wrap it appropriately. Or the handicrafts are simply too time-consuming for you. In these cases you will find great alternatives to the cash gift below.

Personalized gifts

If you want to make your gift particularly personal, you can personalize it. Regardless of whether you want to give away mugs, T-shirts, photos or jewelry - your gifts will look even better if you combine them with one personal dedication you see. You can simply enter the name of the recipient or have a personal message printed or engraved on it. That makes your gift something very special.


Experiences are always a special gift. There are so many options here that there is sure to be something there. It doesn't matter whether the recipient is into sporting activities, photo shoots or plays. You will find numerous offers where you Experiences in the form of vouchers can give away. So the recipient can decide individually when exactly they want to implement the experience.

A suitable gift for the occasion

Last but not least, you can of course give your gift just like the cash gift appropriate occasion to adjust. For example, at Christmas you can give away clichéd Christmas sweaters or socks. A good tableware set is suitable for a wedding and a prayer book for communion. There are numerous alternatives, so you will surely find what you are looking for if you don't want to make a cash gift.

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