What if Hitler escaped from the bunker?

After examining the teeth : Scientists confirm: Hitler is dead - really

French scientists have opposed the theses that Adolf Hitler survived World War II. After examining Hitler's dentition stored in Moscow, it was unequivocally established that he died in 1945, forensic doctor Philippe Charlier told the AFP news agency. This dispelled all conspiracy theories about Hitler.

"He didn't flee to Argentina in a submarine, he's not in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon," added Charlier. Hitler's teeth are "authentic, there can be no doubt". This had shown a comparison with X-ray images of Hitler's head from the year before his death.

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As often as the madman from Braunau is beaten by the media, he is more alive than ever: Hitler's helpers, Hitler's women, Hitler's youth, Hitler's dog ...

... writes user west Prussia

Hitler had bad teeth and some false teeth

Charlier had examined the dentition with four other scientists. The results were published on Friday in the "European Journal of Internal Medicine". So Hitler had bad teeth and some false teeth. Charlier stated that no meat fibers were found on the teeth, which goes with the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian.

In March and July 2017, the Russian secret service FSB allowed scientists to examine Hitler's bones for the first time since 1946. A French research team was allowed to analyze a skull fragment. It had a hole in the left half, probably caused by a bullet.

It is generally assumed that Hitler committed suicide in the F├╝hrerbunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945, when the defeat of Nazi Germany was foreseeable. The examination of the skull fragment was of interest in terms of the mode of death, Charlier said.

Apparently suicide with cyanide and pistol

"We didn't know if he was using a cyanide capsule to kill himself or if it was a bullet in the head." In all likelihood, Adolf Hitler used both methods. According to Charlier, no traces of powder were found on the teeth. The shot was apparently not fired in the mouth, but in the forehead or neck. Bluish deposits on Hitler's false teeth could indicate a chemical reaction between cyanide and the metal of the prosthesis, according to Charlier. Charlier had also been instrumental in analyzing Richard the Lionheart's heart. (AFP)

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