What is the scariest psychological horror movie

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If you watch horror films, you will get through the corona pandemic better. This is what a Danish-American study claims to have found out. PLUS: The scariest horror films - measured by heart rate.

Status: October 28, 2020

Someone should say again that horror films are a waste of time. If the Danish and American psychologists at the Universities of Chicago and Aarhus have their way, then people who like horror films will get through the current corona pandemic better mentally.

Fans of zombie films are more relaxed

310 test persons were asked about their film preferences and how they deal with the corona pandemic. For example, they were asked questions whether the pandemic was stirring them up, whether they suffered from sleepless nights or whether they felt well prepared. And also which films they like to see, horror film fans also offered different genres, for example zombie films, alien invasion or apocalyptic horror films.

The result of this study showed that people who like to watch horror films are more relaxed about the corona situation. Above all, the test subjects who prefer apocalyptic or zombie films saw themselves better prepared for the corona crisis - which confirmed the researchers' hypothesis: at the beginning of the study, they assumed that films in which extreme crisis situations were shown would be shown on would subconsciously prepare similar events in real life.

The scariest horror films

If you feel like watching horror films now, we have a treat for you. The British online comparison portal brandandchoices.co.uk let 50 test persons watch the scariest horror films for 120 hours and created a gruesome order based on the test subjects' pulse rate. Here you can see the top 10.

The top 10 horror films after an increased heart rate:

1. Sinister - Average pulse rate 86 - highest deflection 131
2. Insidious - Average heart rate 85 - highest deflection 133
3. Conjuring - The Visitation - Average pulse rate 84 - highest deflection 129
4. The Legacy - Average pulse rate 83 - highest deflection 109
5. Paranormal Activity - Average heart rate 82 - highest deflection 127
6. It Follows - Average pulse rate 81 - highest deflection 93
7. Conjuring 2 - Average pulse rate 80 - highest deflection 120
8. The Babadook - Average pulse rate 80 - highest deflection 116
9. The Descent - abyss of horror - Average pulse rate 79 - highest deflection 129
10. The Visit - Average heart rate 79 - highest deflection 100