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There is more criticism for "The Walking Dead". This time viewers complain about a strange scene in the ninth episode of season 10.

  • "The Walking Dead" once again pissed off many viewers.
  • Although the ninth episode of season 10 was exciting, many fans expressed criticism.
  • One scene in particular caused shudders.

Oh dear, what have the "The Walking Dead" makers done? The intention was probably to shock the audience with an unexpected twist. This also works very well in many series - for example in the 1st season of "Game of Thrones"when an important main character was suddenly executed. Everyone was shocked, but nobody complained.

In case of "The Walking Dead" however, this attempt backfires surprisingly often. The audience is surprised, but angry at the same time. A scene from the ninth episode of season 10 provides the perfect example.

+++ Beware, there will be spoilers for the 10th season of "The Walking Dead" +++

"The Walking Dead" shocks with a strange, dirty scene

Why are they "The Walking Dead" viewers not always so enthusiastic about sudden twists and turns in the course of the plot? On the one hand, this may have something to do with the brutality, because several fans, for example, found Abraham and Glenn's death in the 7th season of the series to be far too bloodthirsty. The second problem: The story is now too monotonous * for some fans, so that even unusual twists no longer seem surprising.

The makers of "The Walking Dead" * are therefore becoming more creative, which was impressively demonstrated by a scene from the ninth episode of season 10 *: Leave during the episode Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton) together in a forest for a rendezvous. That doesn't sound too bad at first, but one detail is strange: Both take off their clothes, only Alpha refrains from taking off her creepy zombie mask. Did Negan find this moment romantic? In any case, individual viewers were not very enthusiastic:

I've seen some horrific things watching this show .. Glenn / Abraham getting their heads smashed in, countless people being eating by walkers but nothing .. NOTHING is as bad as Negan and Alpha having weird zombie mask sex # TheWalkingDead # TheWalkingDeadUKpic.twitter .com / 3AODbfQpML

- Natalie (@NattalieeS) February 24, 2020

"I've seen terrible things on this show. Glenn and Abraham, whose heads are smashed, countless people being eaten by the undead ... But nothing is that bad, like Negan's and Alpha's zombie mask shepherd's hours", writes a user on Twitter.

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"The Walking Dead" fans criticize other scenes

There was also criticism in relation to other scenes. Several viewers complained that individual sequences were kept far too dark. In addition, Carol (Melissa McBride) * made a rash decision and two popular characters died. Despite the exciting events, the episode could not inspire everyone.

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