What is Palestine famous for?

What is happening in Israel and Palestine?

In Israel and Palestine, bombs are once again flying in a conflict whose roots, depending on the perspective, go back hundreds of years. The situation escalates again and again, then calm returns. This episode is about understanding the fundamentals of the Middle East conflict. We talk to the journalist Esther Saoub about the basic problem: Israel and Palestine claim the same territory for themselves (04:38). The next chapter deals with the current conflict and the local situation. Journalist Alena (@alli_jaba) reports from Israel and tells us what led to the current outbreak of violence and how the people are doing (11:50). But we wanted to know more about that and let them have their say: Haneen from Gaza (Palestine) (20:45) and Daniel from Tel Aviv (Israel) (25:50) tell how they are doing with the war and what their wishes are they have for the future. Finally we come back to Germany. The federal government has positioned itself very clearly and sided with Israel. How so? And how do we in Germany have to deal with demos against Israel or Palestine? We talk about this with SWR correspondent Alfred Schmit from Berlin (31:09).


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