How do teachers teach reading

Fact check : How should children learn to read and write?

However, various empirical studies show that high-performing students learn to read and write successfully, largely regardless of the method, according to the fact check. For weaker children, on the other hand, structured lessons are helpful, in which the teacher explains the systematics of writing to the children. "There is no one right method for learning to read and write for all children and all teachers," says Michael Becker-Mrotzek, Director of the Mercator Institute.

Teaching spelling requires comprehensive didactic concepts

Whether the much discussed method “reading by writing”, which is also called “writing by ear” in public discourse, actually leads to pupils having poor spelling skills is unclear for various reasons: On the one hand, it can be assumed that teachers read by writing often not apply in the conceptually pure form. According to Becker-Mrotzek, this would mean that spelling is never discussed in the classroom. However, teachers often add other elements to methods and teach spelling at an early age in elementary school, explains Becker-Mrotzek.

On the other hand, studies that have examined reading and writing as a function of various methods show that none is clearly superior. "It makes no sense to reduce the question of how elementary school children can best learn to read and write to the method and prohibit individual concepts," says Becker-Mrotzek. It is much more important that teachers tailor the lessons to their students. The teaching of spelling requires comprehensive didactic concepts. Becker-Mrotzek demands that teachers have to be trained for this.

Children don't learn spelling as an end in itself

The fact check by the Mercator Institute also provides information on what teachers should pay attention to in the first years of school. Children do not learn spelling as an end in itself, but so that they can read and write texts themselves. “It is important that teachers arouse and maintain the children's interest and curiosity in reading and writing,” emphasizes Simone Jambor-Fahlen, author of the fact check. However, not every child learn the same way. For some students it is crucial that teachers explain and explain the rules explicitly to them. Others would have to read or write words themselves and understand the underlying rules. “Teachers also have to feel confident in using the method themselves. Because we know from research that the teacher is central to the learning success of the students. ”The educational researcher made a similar statement in a detailed interview with the German school portal on the subject of learning to write.