What is the plural form of school

School, the

  • Educational institution in which children and young people are taught knowledge and education through scheduled lessons

    Middle High German schuol (e), Old High German scuola
    • a public, private, denominational school
    • a school for the gifted
    • go to school, change
    • she wants to go to school later (colloquial; wants to become a teacher)
    • teach at a school
    • he goes to high school
    • she's going to school this year (going to school)
    • still go to school (still to be a student)
    • we went to school together (colloquial; were in the same class, school)
    • drop out of school
    • she's thrown out of school (slang; colloquial; have been excluded from school)
    • 〈Figuratively:〉 he went to a hard school, went through a hard school (has gone through a lot of difficult things, had bitter experiences in life)
    Phrases, idioms, proverbs
    • chat from school (share internal affairs with outsiders)
  • school-building

    • a large, modern school
    • enter, leave the school
  • lessons given at school

    without plural
    • School starts at 8 clock
    • today we have, is not a school
    • school is canceled tomorrow
    • skip school
    • she does well in school, not with
    • Please come home straight away after school
  • Education through which one's abilities in a particular area are fully developed; training

    without plural
    • their game reveals an excellent school
    Phrases, idioms, proverbs
    • [the] high / high school (1. Horse riding; certain dressage exercises, the mastery of which is perfect equestrian art. 2. Complete mastery of a certain artistic, scientific or sporting discipline: the high school of architecture.)
  • The totality of teachers and students in a school

    without plural
    • the whole school was gathered in the auditorium
  • certain artistic or scientific direction that starts with a master, a capacity and is represented by their students

    • Dürer's school
    • the Florentine school
    • the Mannheimer, the Frankfurt School
    • 〈Figuratively:〉 he is an old-school teacher (the direction that used to prevail)
    • 〈Figuratively:〉 an old-school diplomat
    Phrases, idioms, proverbs
    • Go to school (find many imitators: his example should set a precedent!)
  • Text and exercise book for a specific [artistic] discipline

    • School of piano and flute playing
  • Short for
  • School of fish

    English school, from West Germanic, cf. Old Saxon scola = crowd, (separate) group, probably related to plaice; perceived as identical to school (1)
    • a school of dolphins, whales