When does J K.'s curfew end?

What applies in the regions after the curfew ends

The night curfew has already been lifted in several counties in the region. But be careful: the exit restriction still applies. We provide an overview of when and what applies.

In view of the drastically increased corona numbers, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder ordered a strict night curfew for the entire Free State in December. After about two months, it is now being relaxed and the night curfew in Bavaria is running out. Only in corona hotspots with a seven-day incidence of more than 100 have there been night curfews since February 15 - from 10 p.m. The curfew is only waived if the incidence value is consistently below 100 for seven days.

In the meantime (as of February 17), the region has also been eased - for example in the city of Passau and the district of Traunstein.

However, this does not remove all restrictions. As the city of Passau also emphasized in a press release, a state-wide exit restriction still applies - in accordance with the 11th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance - regardless of the incidence value. H. Leaving the apartment is only permitted if there are valid reasons.

This includes:
- the exercise of professional or official activities,
- visiting daycare centers, schools, universities and other training facilities as far as this is permitted, and taking part in exams,
- the use of medical, nursing and veterinary care services, visits to members of the therapeutic professions and blood donations,
- Supply corridors, shopping and visits to service companies that are still open to the extent permitted,
- Visiting another household, observing the contact restrictions
- Visiting spouses, civil partners, partners in a non-marital partnership, the elderly, the sick or people with disabilities, taking into account the contact restrictions
- the exercise of custody and access rights,
- the accompaniment of persons in need of support and minors to the extent permitted,
- Accompanying the dying and taking part in funerals with close family and friends,
- Sport and exercise in the fresh air, observing the contact restrictions.
- the care of animals,
- administrative procedures,
- participation in religious services and meetings of religious communities,
- as well as attending meetings;
Where the nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. still applies, the apartment may only be left due to:
- a medical or veterinary emergency or other medically urgent treatment,
- the exercise of professional or official activities or training purposes that cannot be postponed,
- the exercise of custody and access rights,
- the urgent care of people in need of support and minors,
- accompanying the dying,
- of acts to care for animals,
- of similarly weighty and irrefutable reasons;
At the request of the PNP at the Passau police force, the controls will not change for the first time. Violations will continue to be punished, according to a spokesman. But he also emphasizes: "So far we have checked with a sense of proportion and will continue to do so."