What's your favorite U2 song


What happens when four of the most renowned musicians in Switzerland meet and philosophize about their favorite music? - Right, the name U2 will soon be mentioned! - And when the conversation goes on, the idea arises: to play U2 yourself once, with great love and respect for the original and at the same time with the freedom to put your own stamp on U2. WE2 - THE U2-Tribute was born!

We all know them, these great songs like Vertigo, Where the Streets Have No Name, Beautiful Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With or Without You, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, etc. A selection too It is difficult to meet, but what all titles have in common is that everyone knows and loves them. And that's what WE2 is all about: paying tribute to this wonderful title with great musical love and quality, combined with a fantastic light show as a tribute act and creating a great live evening after the audience and band are sweaty and happy.

Massimo Buonanno (Seven, Gregor Meyle, Johannes Oerding, Laith Al Deen, etc), Adrian Sturzenegger (Ad-Rian), Chrizzy Fischer (Myron, Ewigi Liebi Musical), Slädu (Gölä, DJ Bobo, Florian) are dedicated to these challenging tasks Ast, Bligg, Emma Marrone, Tangerine Dream) have a concentrated load of Swiss rock music competence and they do it very, very well!

Organized by: KUFA

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October 16, 2021

KUFA - Lyss

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