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18 Dec

But as an actual call-making phone, it's rubbish, and we aim to prove it.

Purple Mail is a video-based message system for deaf and hard of hearing customers.It may be the highest-rated mobile phone on CNET UK, rocking the pockets of half of our crack editorial team.It's certainly the touchscreen face that launched a thousand apps.– Send messages with your voice and now with text input support!Instant voice messaging, text messaging, photo sharing and location sharing with your friends.“I’d light a match and see how long it would burn, if you know what I mean,” she says.One day, at the end of March, she pulled out all her old photo albums and diaries, and decided to write a novel about her life.O2 has just four months to avoid contract penalties that would cost it £40m following a warning shot fired across its bows by the telecoms regulator yesterday.Ofcom said O2 was the only one of the UK's five licence holders for 3G mobile phone networks that had failed to hit the coverage targets agreed when the licences were originally awarded.The regulator said yesterday that this expiry date would be brought forward to the end of August 2021 if O2 missed the latest deadline.A spokesman for O2 said the company expected to be at 80 per cent before the end of June.